What do you enjoy most about your major and the College?

I love General Engineering in Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering because it forces students to look at the discipline of engineering first before applying it to a subject matter. It almost gives you an inner peace when you see the similarities between mechanical, electrical, civil, and industrial engineering and be able to apply it to new problems. Regarding the College, it does a great job of building a strong foundation before delving into specifics.

General Engineering, Senior
Activities – Fighting Illini Triathlon Team, Illinois Society of General Engineers, Engineering Council, Engineering Open House, Gamma Epsilon, Engineering Employment EXPO Committee

What attracted you to Illinois?

I appreciated the diversity of studies and the diversity of the student body. Everyone has something to contribute and this was a place I knew I could learn from everybody I met.

What impresses you most about the College?

I’m impressed that Illinois is always striving to be the best. I also am encouraged by the fact that the College continually makes its best effort to advocate for its students and help them succeed.

At EOH in the Product Dissection Lab managed by Professor Leake.

Why do you belong at Illinois?

I belong at Illinois because I believe that mutual respect is the bedrock of education. I keep an open mind to every possible opportunity and suspend judgment until I have understood what I needed to learn.

Who has been your favorite engineering professor?

Gustavo Gioia, professor for Theoretical & Applied Mechanics 251: Introductory Solid Mechanics. It’s often easy to overlook the rich history that contributes to engineering being as much an art as it is a science. This is one of the first classes where we are taught to solve problems symbolically first and then insert numbers at the end. This results in a finer appreciation of the logical methods of problem solving instead of just looking at numbers all day. Professor Gioia was a phenomenal lecturer who really inspired us to understand the methods instead of just looking for results.

What are the academics like in Engineering?

The beauty of Illinois is not only the diversity of options, but also how every field is held to a higher standard. Whatever you want to explore, you can trust that you’ll be getting some of the best expertise in the world.

Have you held internships?

Yes, I’ve had many. During the summer of 2012, I interned at JPMorgan Chase & Co. in Chicago in the Technology Analyst Program as a Business Systems Analyst. I analyzed the hierarchy of the proprietary card services platform that caters to clients with >$10m annual spending. In 2011, I interned at Nielsen Company in the Emerging Leader Program as a Business Analyst. I elicited product requirements and designed functional specifications for the Nielsen Answers web platform.

Have you studied abroad?

I took a 12-day International Business Immersion trip to China with the Hoeft Technology and Management Program. It was a fun and worthwhile experience and I’m so glad I had that opportunity.

My Hoeft class in front of the Great Wall.

What is your advice to incoming freshmen?

Hit the ground running. If you don’t know what your passions are, explore until you find them. Keep an open mind and put forth your best effort in classes. There are so many different things you can learn so keep trying.

Where is the best place to eat on campus?

Maize or Black Dog

Any excuse to eat at Maize!

What are your post-graduate plans?

I deferred an offer of employment from Deloitte Consulting in order to spend two years with Teach for America. I will be teaching middle school mathematics with a STEM focus in Chicago.