What attracted you to Illinois?

I came to Illinois with the UIC robotics team for a competition and Engineering Open House happened to be that same weekend. I was very impressed with the exhibits that students had the opportunity to work on and just knew this campus would help me further my academic career.

Chemical Engineering, Junior
Activities – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Society of Women Engineers (Team Tech), Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

What do you enjoy most about your major and the College?

I enjoy the breadth of information covered by the Chemical Engineering major and the resources available to engineering students. Some of my favorite resources are the dual screen computers in Engineering Hall and the group study rooms in the Chemistry Library.

What is your advice to incoming freshmen?

I encourage you to start out strong academically, don’t be afraid to ask questions, learn about the excellent resources available, and join an organization the interests you.

Who has been your favorite engineering professor?

It has been Dr. Brendan Harley because he would explain the concepts with relevant examples, was approachable for questions outside of class, and kept a friendly class environment.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done through Engineering at Illinois?

I won the BP design project given in Fluids and Heat Transfer (CHBE421). This was a wonderful course because of the real world application of the material, great professor, and the design project given by BP.

Have you held an internship?

I had the opportunity for work with LyondellBasell in the Polymers and Olefins department. I focused on safety, reliability, and optimization projects, which helped improve my technical, communication, and time management skills.

What is campus life like in Engineering?

It requires hard work and dedication to stay on the right track, but by managing your time it is easy to stay active socially as well.