What is your advice to incoming freshmen?

College is not a race, you have to take it at your own pace. Take time for self evaluation in order to learn about your strengths and weaknesses and recognize when you may need help. Take advantage of all our amazing resources. There are endless opportunities and you want to make sure you look back at your college experience with fond memories.

Mechanical Engineering, Senior
Activities – American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Learning Assistant, Engineering Campus Tour Director, Engineering Employment EXPO, Society of Women Engineers, Engineering Council, Club Tennis

What impresses you most about the College?

I am impressed by the amazing example both faculty and staff set. They have provided me with countless advice throughout my career, which was helped me grow as a person and develop as an engineer.

What do you enjoy most about your major?

My favorite thing about my major is that it’s broad. It’s the perfect platform to jump into many different industries. I also like that the curriculum is very hands-on and we get to see everything in front of us; it’s tangible. I enjoy the people, the cohesiveness, and the support.

What are the academics like?

Our professors are doing cutting edge research. Your peers are intelligent, driven, and ready to change the world. It’s really exciting to see the work of Illinois faculty and students featured in numerous publications. As for options, the have been boundless. I’ve been able to find everything I have wanted to explore and pursue extracurriculars that perfectly compliment my curriculum.

What’s the coolest experience you’ve had in Engineering?

My coolest engineering experience was being part of the Society of Women in Engineering Team Tech. It’s a yearlong design competition and our corporate partner was Abbott Labs. We competed at the National Conference in Chicago and placed third.

Have you held any internships?

In the summer of 2010, I worked for an engineering contractor in Toulouse, France, where I helped design, assemble, and test numerous mechanical components. During the next two summers I interned for Procter & Gamble in Augusta, GA, and Cincinnati, OH. I will be working for P&G in Kansas City, MO, at a plant next summer.

What has been your favorite place to live on campus?

The Living-Learning Community of Women in Math, Science, & Engineering (WIMSE).

What’s campus life like for engineers?

I always say, ‘when you go to Illinois Engineering, you go to a small private school, and if you want to go to a large public school, cross the street.’ Here, you get the best of both worlds.

Engineering allows you to grab basic theories and make something of value, something new, something better that’s going to help someone in some way. Engineering at Illinois is built on a great set of values and a constant thirst to do better and make a greater impact.

What do you like about Champaign-Urbana?

It’s a great college atmosphere – you are part of the Big Ten! People are friendly, there is plenty to do, and you are not stuck on campus. The bus system makes it really easy to get around and it’s a perfect place where you can feel safe while you experience, explore, and grow in this unique time of your life.