What do you enjoy most about the College?

It is so well known and has such proud alumni you can’t go to any professional conference without interacting with someone affiliated with Illinois. I have been sought by recruiters simply because I was an Illinois engineer; my major wasn’t even relevant to those companies.

Nuclear Engineering, Sophomore
Activities – Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Hoeft
Technology and Management Program, Illinois Scholars Undergraduate Researcher

What impresses you most about the College?

Some of the things that students do are unbelievable! They are entrepreneurs, they design robots, they create clean water systems – everything. It is truly astounding how people here maximize their education.

Why do you belong at Illinois?

Illinois has become my home. My friends here have become my family. 24 hours a day I am either in class, in the research lab, or with on-campus organizations. Illinois is all encompassing and whenever I go home, I’m thinking about when I’ll be back here.

What is your advice to incoming freshmen?

Start working on the highest GPA possible because classes are only going to get harder. Also, get involved with an organization relevant to your major; you will learn crucial networking skills that you’ll need in order to differentiate yourself and secure internships early.

Describe your research.

I’ve done research at the Center for Plasma Materials Interactions with Professor Ruzic. The goal is to develop high quality thin film solar cells by means of PECVD, which is planned to increase the quality of solar cells and lower the cost.

Have you held an internship?

I interned with Exelon Generation at the corporate office in Warrenville, IL, and worked in the PWR Core Design group. My project was to create a core mapping with higher enriched uranium and analyze power outputs and cost savings. I will be returning to the company to work in the Reactor Engineering Group.

What is campus life like for an engineer?

Engineers do have social lives, and the best way to see that is by viewing the engineering Quad. In between classes, you will see people playing catch, frisbee, laying in the grass, and relaxing.

Where is the best place to eat on campus?

Merry Anne’s Diner

What has been your favorite place to live on campus?

Lundgren Hall. It is close to the Ike and the ARC, perfect.