In today’s age where grandmothers are on Facebook and toddlers are playing with IPads it seems that everyone is linked into the web. People everywhere are hooked to their smart phones, and they rely on them to get information as fast as possible – what was deemed fast last year is now considered slow. Speed and connectivity are of growing importance to our culture, and Professor Mani Golparvar-Fard’s new product utilizes both.

Golparvar-Fard developed technology that allows you to get instant information to your smart device just by taking a picture. The customizable system, MARS (Mobile Augmented Reality System), gives users access to additional information and content that appears as an overlay to their picture. Better yet, the app can detect your location and  display relevant information without GPS or Wifi.

The technology is based on HD4AR (Hybrid Four Dimensional Augmented Reality), which is an extension of the work Golparvar-Fard did as a PhD student here at Illinois. To find out more about the app and the technology behind it check out the video and links below.

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